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XPad I


5.0 (1 review)

Save 15.0% when you order any 10 rolls or more. Save 5% when you order any 5 rolls or more.

As low as £33.95 (Nidek Ellipse)

As low as £36.50 (24mm Round)


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The XPad I is the latest innovation in glazing pads for super hydrophobic coated lenses.

  • Highest axis torsion resistance ever
  • Unique Hybrid Adhesive prevents slippage like never before
  • No anti-slip pads or sprays required
  • Easy block removal following edging
  • Works on almost any Super Hydrophobic and Ultra Hydrophobic coated lens

500 per roll

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1 review for XPad I

  1. Paul Mohan

    These pads are amazing. No axis slip on hydrophobics since I used them and at a brilliant price. Highly recommend if you want to save time, cost of pads and breakage costs.

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